We are made up of a group of Heimish-spirited individuals and we aspire to invite like-minded friends to join us!

We are well known for our Events, Purim parties, Shabbaton’s and  Our annual 3-day weekend getaways. It’s a weekend, camping trip, Shabbos and gathering all packed into one. That’s right!
Not as much in the limelight, are our quieter, more private camping trips that take place throughout the summer.
We enjoy: Eating, cooking, grilling, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, having intimate and intellectual conversations and so many more things that we call fun.
Come join us for our next get together and see why so many people cannot wait for the annual PSF gathering!
We wish you blessings and good tidings always! 
Yours truly,
PSF Gathering

Our goal:

To unite individuals who are like-minded, who may share or have a passion for good energy, positive reinforcement and constructive socializing. Our focus is on creating an environment of good vibes, soulful chills, and a warm atmosphere. If you enjoy camping, good food, music, dance, socializing and just plain having a good time with people who you can relate with well, then our family is your family.

Core Values:

  • We honor and respect one another as a whole and as a community.
  • Tradition and Shabbos values.
  • Spirituality and wellbeing.
  • Participating and being in contribution.
  • Culture

Volunteer opportunities:

As a community we constantly can use a helping hand in varies departments. If you’d like to help out in any way please contact us.

Thank you!